Mark II – Kronos


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Designed by Spencer Dinwiddie in Brooklyn, NY, the Mark II is the latest in high-performance basketball footwear innovation.

The Mark II features a lightweight, enhanced engineered-mesh upper, internal fit-sleeve, an external heel-counter to improve ankle support, and an asymmetrical lacing system to provide a locked-in fit and enable more efficient lateral movement.  The Mark II also features a newly introduced TPU toe-cap to provide structural reinforcement against toe drag and improve longevity.

Utilizing a revolutionary Pebax derived foam in the outsole, the Mark II provides enhanced support, dynamic energy return, and reduces impact resistance to accommodate Spencer’s style of play.

The outsole forefoot lateral outrigger provides additional stability when cutting. The outsole forefoot rubber extends up the medial side, assuring the support Spencer’s explosive game requires.  The Mark II additionally has an improved outsole tread pattern, providing the improved traction that enables Spencer to take full advantage of his explosive first step off the dribble.

Inspiration for the Color Way (Kronos):

In Greek mythology, Kronos is the god of time. Kairos (K8IROS), which Spencer’s brand is named after, was his son. Kairos stands for optimal timing: making the most out of your moment. Both Kronos and Kairos are intertwined to Spencer’s story. This black and rose gold color way pays homage to the University of Colorado where Spencer played college basketball. Spencer wanted his experience there to be used as a teaching moment. During his junior season at the University of Colorado, Spencer was a likely lottery pick. However, he tore his ACL during a game and because of the injury ended up being a second round pick, spending his first few years in and out of the NBA’s D-League before he was waived by the Chicago Bulls.

Spencer wanted to name this shoe Kronos because, in hindsight, it was during his time at CU when Kairos (K8IROS) was born. Time is unbiased. Every person has the same number of hours in a day. K8IROS is a direct product of how you decide to use your time. Because of the adversity he experienced, Spencer learned to work diligently to control what he was able to. He became intentional with how he would use his time to become the best basketball player he could be.

Just as Kronos birthed Kairos, adversity births success, but only with the requisite preparation. Faced with adversity, Spencer dedicated himself to a goal and pursued it relentlessly everyday. Eventually, patience and preparation met opportunity. There would be no K8IROS without Kronos.